What is called "The culture of the Iranian world" today, is the result of thousands of years of history of the inhabitants of a great land that is extensive and pervasive in the world from Hutan to today’s Europe. Each part of the geology of this cultural sphere is a co-heir to this entire cultural heritage and tries to provide a clear way for children and future generations to preserve and safeguard this centuries' old cultural treasure inherited from their ancestors , away from the hustle and bustle of the religious and political influence and current boundaries. Cyrus The Great International Open University, named after one of the greatest men of this cultural field, Cyrus the Achaemenid, was founded in line with these aspirations. The University, with the cooperation of the intellectuals who are the children of this origin, will work towards securing the foundations, preserving the principles and paving the way for further cultivation and flourishing of this great culture which has influenced and enriched other civilizations.


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Cyrus University Reports

The University will have a “Hall of Meeting and Discussion” in order to identify the Learned Elite in various fields of knowledge and endeavour and have them present their research work and messages in the “Hall” and website of the University for future records and use. The Associates of the University will have the Hall as an outlet to introduce themselves to the rest of the field of knowledge and endeavour.

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